Updated 23 June, 2019

All commands are typed in in-game chat and begin with a  /   Commands have access levels and won't work for you if your level is too low.

Shop Commands:

/fix shop
Attempt to automatically fix the shop. It reloads the shop categories, checks for any missing categories in shop items and assigns them to misc then reindexes the shop.
This will fix issues with your shop such as it not giving items.  It takes a minute or two to work and the bot will appear frozen during this time.  Just wait and the bot will come back.

/quick fix shop
Like /fix shop but doesn't re-read all the item names known to the server so it completes much faster.

/reset shop
Restock the shop to the max quantity of each item.

/set/clear shop location {location name (for set only)}
Restrict the shop to a specific location. Buying from the shop will only be possible while in that location (excluding admins).
Or clear the location so that the shop can be accessed server wide. (the default)

/set lottery multiplier {number}
Every zombie killed adds 1 x the lottery multiplier to the lottery total. The higher the number, the faster the lottery rises. The default is 2.

/set lottery prize {number}
You can set or reset the lottery prize to any number. Useful if it gets too large.

/set lottery ticket price {number}
The default cost of a lottery ticket is 25 Zennies. You can change it to anything above 0.

/set shop reset days {number}
Restock the shop to the max quantity of each item every {number} of real days.
A setting of 0 disables the automatic restock. To manually restock it use /reset shop.

/set shop open/close {0 - 23}
Enter a number from 0 to 23 which will be the game hour that the shop opens or closes.

/open/close lottery
/enable/disable lottery
Turn on or off the daily lottery. It is on be default.

/set playtime reward {Zennies}
Set how many Zennies a player earns for each minute played. (excludes new players and does not count total time played)

/set zombie reward {Zennies}
Set how many Zennies a player earns for each zombie killed.

/enable/disable bank
Players can earn Zennies if the bank is enabled.

/open/close or /enable/disable shop
Enable or disable the shop feature.

/set money name {singular} {plural}
The default money name is the Zenny and the plural is Zennies. Both names must be one word each.
eg /set money name Chip Chips.

/enable/disable spending alert (default disabled)
PM the player every time an a command costs them money. Tell them how much they spent and what they have left.

/cash or /wallet or /bank
Tells you how many Zennies you have.

/pay {player name} {amount}
Pay a player some amount of Zennies. Admins don't need to have the cash in their balance first.

/lotto or /lottery or /tickets
See how big the lottery is and how many tickets you have in the draw.

/gamble {optional quantity} or /buy ticket {optional quantity}
Buy a ticket in the next daily lottery.

/show/hide cash
See an ingame PM every time your cash balance changes.