Updated 1 July, 2019


The bot connects to 3 channels on the IRC server.  By default the main channel is called #bot and the other 2 channels are #bot_alerts, and #bot_watch.  When you talk to the bot the majority of its replies will go to a private chat channel called Bot.  You can change the channel names and the bot name so your bot may use different names for these.  When you first join the IRC server, if you are not automatically joined to the channels you can join them with the IRC commands /join #bot, /join #bot_alerts, and /join #bot_watch

Unlike in-game commands, on IRC you do not use a / or any other symbol infront of bot commands with one exception.  Instead you just type the commands.  There are 3 classes of bot commands on IRC, console commands, IRC commands, and in-game commands.

Console commands are only available to level 0 admins.  To send a console command to the server, start your console command with con then type your normal console command.  Almost all console commands sent from IRC will give you feedback on IRC but regardless, the server will receive your command.

To see the console help for the ban command type con help ban

For those familiar with IRC servers, you will know that commands starting with a / are assumed to be commands to the IRC server itself.  If you type an in-game command here, the IRC server will reject it with a message and the bot will not see your command.  To get around this type your command by starting it with cmd.  eg cmd /uptime.  Not all in-game commands can be sent from IRC.  Most will tell you if you must be in-game to use them.  Generally commands that must be done in-game require your coordinates in the world. ie.  They apply where you are standing (or flying).

The bot also has a number of commands that are not console or in-game commands.  These commands are simply typed.  For the simplest example type help.  It will also give you additional commands that you can type.  For the complete list of IRC commands see IRC Commands

Initially when you join the IRC server you will only be able to send basic commands to the bot.  To be able to send admin commands, the bot must associate your IRC nickname with your player name.  It will record your IRC nick in its player record of you so changing your nick can block you from admining from IRC.

The easiest way to be recognised by your bot is to make your IRC nick match exactly your player name.  IRC nicknames do not allow spaces and may not permit some symbols in your player name.  You can get around this by sending a special command from in-game.  Let's assume your name is Joe on your server.  In-game type /invite joe.  The bot will PM some instructions to you including info about using a free online IRC web client called Kiwiirc.  If you are using The Lounge or some other IRC client already you can ignore that info.  The bot will also give you a random number and instruct you to type in-game, /accept 1234.  It will then tell you to go to IRC and type i am 1234. When you do that, the bot will register your current IRC nickname in your player record.  If you ever change your IRC nickname you will need to send yourself another invite.  Note that you can invite players.  Be aware that while they won't be able to send admin commands from IRC they will see a lot of information and events not meant for non-admins.

You may also have been given a bot login (ie by me).  It will be something like login joe pass guessDO NOT type that in any of the channels that begin with a #.  Those are public channels and the bot will destroy your login if you reveal it there.  Instead type it in the private chat channel.  You can start by typing hi bot.  It will reply in the main channel and in the private channel.  Go to the private channel (Bot in this case) and type your bot login there.  Level 0 admins can create bot logins for other players.  Ideally use the player's steam ID but if their name is unique on the server you can type add player joe login joe pass guess

Note that Mudlet prior to version 3 is not able to connect to a secure IRC server.  The best way to secure your IRC nickname is to use a web client such as The Lounge or an IRC bouncer such as ZNC.  They connect to the IRC server on your behalf and stay connected 24/7.  You connect to them with a login.  I am not sure if Mudlet 3.x does support connecting to secure IRC channels but it has had its IRC engine completely replaced so I expect it can now.

If your nick matches your player name, you can self-authenticate with the bot by typing bow, or bow before me.  If the bot recognises you it will tell you that you have logged in.  If not you will get a silly response.  If at any time you find that you can't send admin commands from IRC, type bow then try again.  Your bot login does time out eventually if you stop typing in IRC.

Now that you can command the bot, if you are new to this the first command you should type is help.  It will give you a quick introduction to commanding the bot from IRC.