Updated 1 July, 2019


To connect to the bot's IRC server you will need an IRC client or web client.  You will also need to know the IP and port of the IRC server.
The IRC server does not require a password unless you are connecting to an IRC bouncer such as ZNC or The Lounge.  You do not need to install anything if using a web client, otherwise only an IRC client is required.

Hexchat an IRC client for Windows, OSX and Linux.  Hexchat themes to change the colour scheme.
Kiwiirc an IRC web client.  There are others but Kiwiirc is very good.

For server owners:
The Lounge, a self-hosted web client that supports persistent connections if passwords are enabled.
ZNC, an advanced IRC bouncer.  Tricky to set up and use at first, but very nice and I highly recommend you take the time to set it up.

At present there are many important admin commands found only on IRC so having your bot connected to an IRC server is essential.  It is also really handy because it allows you to monitor the server from anywhere with an internet connection and there are also IRC clients for Android and IOS devices.  I perfer to use The Lounge web client on my phone as it doesn't disconnect from the server even if I lose reception.

Each bot using the IRC server occupies one channel and sends information to two others while not actually being in those channels.  For the list of channels use the irc command /list.  To join a channel eg. #botman, type /join #botman.  You can also list all of the IRC users with /who.  You can send private messages to a bot or human with /msg <user> Hi there!.  To leave a channel, if there isn't a close button you can type /part.

Note that on IRC, bot commands do NOT begin with a / because IRC commands begin with a /.

There are several bot commands available to all users and many more that are admin commands.  Players and admins can talk to players in the server after logging in to the bot.  For this, the server owner needs to set up a password for you.  To login to the bot you must be in the IRC channel where the bot lurks.  You cannot log in in the main channel.  If the bot sees your login here, it will delete your password and the server owner will need to give you a new one.

To login to the bot first type hi bot.  The bot will reply with a private message which will appear as a channel that you are auto-joined to.  It may appear as a new tab or window.  In this private channel type login <your password>.  If successful the bot will inform you that you have logged in.  For players, your login will last for 3 hours.  Admins stay logged in for 1 hour.  If you command the bot or type anything in the bot's channel, your login session extends.  You will always be logged out 1 or 3 hours after your last chat.

Now that you are logged in you can talk to players in the game server.  To do that simply type say followed by what you want to say in-game.  You can talk to other IRC users without it appearing in-game just by not starting your chat with say.  If you use say a lot, you will find yourself using it in inappropriate places such as in Steam chats.  I hope you have a good psychiatrist. :)

Each bot sends information to two other channels.  These are really for admins and if you try to command the bot in them, it will not receive your command unless you type /msg <name of the bot> <command>.  Most bot responses appear in the private chat between you and the bot.  Only a few commands cause the response to appear in the main channel.  There is no special reason for the difference except it was handy to send the response there.

To list the bot commands available to you type help.  If you type /help you will see IRC help which for the most part won't mean anything to you.  Other help commands that may be available to you are help topics and help commands.

That's it!  You should be able to navigate your way around IRC, read the game server chatter as well as the IRC chat and read the command help.  Welcome to the wonderful world of Internet Relay Chat! ^^

For the IRC command help read IRC Commands.