Updated 18 Sept, 2016

These commands make the bot reload/refresh itself in various ways and are intended to force the bot to update either itself or the info it knows about the server and its players.  You can also run these commands from IRC if you preface them with cmd eg. cmd /reload admins.

/reload code

Tell the bot to reload all external Lua scripts. This also happens shortly after restarting the bot and it can automatically detect if the scripts are not loaded and reload them.  Once the script have loaded, if you make any changes to them you need to run this command or restart the bot for your changes to take effect.

/read claims
Make the bot run llp so it knows where all the claims are and who owns them.

/reload admins
Make the bot run admin list to reload the admins from the server's list.

/reload bot
Make the bot read several things from the server including admin list, ban list, gg, lkp and others. If you have Coppi's Mod installed it will also detect that.

/restore backup
The bot saves its Lua tables daily at midnight (server time) and each time the server is shut down.
If the bot gets messed up, you can try to fix it with this command. Other timestamped backups are made before the bot is reset but you will first need to strip the date part off them to restore with this command.

/name bot <some cool name>
The default name is Bot. Help give your bot a personality by giving it a name.

/set cbsm friendly
/set cbsm unfriendly (you can type anything after CBSM except friendly to make the bot ignore CBSM)
Reboot the server when the server time matches the hour and minute (24 hour time)
To disable clock based reboots use /set reboot hour (without a number)

In-Game Only:

/reset server
Tell the bot to forget everything it knows about the server. You will be asked to confirm this, answer with yes. Say anything else to abort.
Usually you only need to use /reset bot. This reset goes further.

/reset bot
Tell the bot to forget only some things, some player info, locations, bases etc. You will be asked to confirm this, answer with yes. Say anything else to abort.  Use this command after wiping the server. The bot will detect the day change and will ask if you want to reset the bot too.

/no reset
If the bot detects that the server days have rolled back, it will ask you if you want to reset the bot. Type /no reset if you don't want the bot to reset itself.