Updated 23 June, 2019

The majority of commands are restricted to admins and some are restricted to owners.  If your access level is less than a command requires, the bot will respond with unknown command or might say "This command is restricted".  You will also see unknown command if you mis-type it.  The commands listed here are not all the admin commands.  Most commands categories include admin commands specific to the category.

All commands are typed in in-game chat and begin with a  /   Commands have access levels and won't work for you if your level is too low.

Admin commands:

/admin add {player or steam or game ID} level {0-2}
/admin remove {player or steam or game ID}
Give a player admin status and a level, or take it away.
Server owners are level 0, admins are level 1 and moderators level 2. The bot does not currently recognise other admin levels.
Or remove an admin so they become a regular player.
This does not stop them using god mode etc if they are ingame and already have dm enabled. They must leave the server or disable dm themselves.

/add/remove bad item {item} action {timeout or ban} (default action is timeout)
Add or remove an item to/from the list of bad items. The default action is to timeout the player.
See also /ignore player {name} and /include player {name}

/add/remove blacklist country {US}
Add or remove a country to/from the blacklist. Note: Use 2 letter country codes only.

/add donor {player name} level {0 to 7} expires {number} week or month or year
/remove donor {player name}
Give a player donor status. This doesn't have to involve money. Donors get a few perks above other players but no items or Zennies.
Level and expiry are optional. The default is level 1 and expiry 10 years.
You can also temporarily raise everyone to donor level with /override access.

/add restricted item {item name} qty {count} action {action} access {level}
/remove restricted item {item name}
Add an item to the list of restricted items.
Valid actions are timeout, ban, exile and watch
eg. /add restricted item tnt qty 5 action timeout access 90
Players with access > 90 will be sent to timeout for more than 5 tnt.

/add whitelist country {US}
/remove whitelist country {US}
Add or remove a country to/from the whitelist. Note: Use 2 letter country codes.

/archive players
Archive players that haven't played in 60 days, aren't staff, banned, or a donor.
This should speed the bot up on servers that have seen thousands of players over time as the bot won't need to search so many player records.
Archived players are still accessible and searchable but are removed from the main players table. If a player comes back they are automatically restored from the archive.

/arrest {player name}
/arrest {player name} reason {why arrested}
Send a player to prison. If the location prison does not exist they are temp-banned instead.

/ban {player name} (ban for 10 years with the reason 'banned')
/ban {player name} reason {reason for ban} (ban for 10 years with the reason you provided)
/ban {player name} time {number} hour or day or month or year reason {reason for ban}
/unban {player name} (This will also remove global bans issued by this bot against this player. It will not remove global bans issued elsewhere.
/gblban {player name} reason {reason for ban}
Ban a player from the server. You can optionally give a reason and a duration. The default is a 10 year ban with the reason 'banned'.
Global bans are vetted before they become active. If the player is later caught hacking by a bot and they have pending global bans, a new active global ban is added automatically.

/block/unblock {name}
Block/Unblock a player from using any bot commands or command the bot from IRC.

/burn {player name}
Set a player on fire. It usually kills them.

/clear country blacklist
Remove all countries from the blacklist. (yay?)

/clear country whitelist
Remove all countries from the whitelist.

/cool {player name}
Cool a player or yourself if no name given.

/cure {player name}
Cure a player or yourself if no name given.

/equip admin
Spawn various items on you. The bot checks your inventory and will top you up instead of doubling up if you repeat this command later.

/exile {player name}
Bannish a player to a special location called /exile which must exist first. While exiled, the player will not be able to command the bot.

/free {player name}
Release the player from exile, however it does not return them. They can type /return or you can return them.

/give claim/key/lcb
The bot can despawn player placed claims in reset zones. This command is for them to request them back from the bot.
It will only return the number that it took away. If it isn't holding any, it won't give any back.

/give everyone {item} {amount} {quality}
Give everyone that is playing on the server right now an amount of an item. The default is to give 1 item.
If quality is not given, it will have a random quality for each player.
Anyone not currently playing will not receive the item.

/give player {joe} item {item} {amount} {quality}
/give player {joe} item {item} {amount} {quality} message {say something here}
Give a specific player amount of an item. The default is to give 1 item.
The player does not need to be on the server. They will receive the item and optional message when they next join.
You can give more items but only 1 item type per command. Items are given in the same order so you could include a message with the first item and they will read that first.

Spawn various items on you like equip admin does but no armour or guns. The bot checks your inventory and will top you up instead of doubling up if you repeat this command later.

/goto {player or steam or game ID}
Teleport to the current position of a player. This works with offline players too.

/heal {player name}
Apply big firstaid buff to a player or yourself if no name given.

Spawn a horde of 50 random zombies on yourself. Only admins can do this (but not mods)

/kick {Player name|Steam ID|Game ID} reason {optional reason}
Is Joe annoying you? Kick his ass right out of the server! >:D

/leave claims {player name}
Stop the bot automatically removing a player's claims. They will still be removed if they are in a location that doesn't allow player claims.

/bad items
List the items that are not allowed in player inventories and what action is taken.

/bases/homes range {number}
/bases/homes near {player name} range {number}
See what player bases are nearby. You can use it on yourself or on a player. Range and player are optional. The default range is 200 metres.

/list blacklist
List the countries that are not allowed to play on the server.

/claims {range} (range is optional and defaults to 50)
List all of the claims within range with who owns them

/offline players nearby
/offline players nearby range {number}
List all offline players near your position. The default range is 200 metres.

List all the players who are prisoners.

/list staff/admins
Lists the server staff and shows who if any are playing.

/restricted items
List the items that new players are not allowed to have in inventory and what action is taken.

/list whitelist
List the countries that are allowed to play on the server.

/load botman ini
Make the bot reload the botman.ini file. It only reloads when told to.

/mend {player name}
Remove the brokenLeg buff from a player or yourself if no name given.

/move {player name} to {location}
Teleport a player to a location. To teleport them to another player use the send command. If the player is offline, they will be moved to the location when they next join.

/near {player name} {optional number (distance away from player)}
Teleport below and a short distance away from a player. You must be flying for this or you will just fall all the time.
You arrive 20 metres below the player and 30 metres to the south. If you give a number after the player name you will be that number metres south of them.
The bot will keep you near the player, teleporting you close to them if they get away from you.
To stop following them type /stop or use any teleport command or relog.

/player {player name} is not new
Upgrade a new player to a regular without making them wait for the bot to upgrade them. They will no longer be as restricted as a new player.

/poop {player name}
Make a player shit potatoes everywhere coz potatoes.

/read claims
Make the bot run llp so it knows where all the claims are and who owns them.

/release {player name}
/just release {player name}
Release a player from prison. They are teleported back to where they were arrested.
Alternatively just release them so they do not teleport and have to walk back or use bot commands.
See also /release here (admin only)

/release here {prisoner}
Release a player from prison and move them to your location.

/reload admins
Make the bot run admin list to reload the admins from the server's list.

/remove entity/trader/npc {optional id}
The bot will despawn any trader within 2 blocks of you in-game or by entity id if given.

/remove claims {player name}
The bot will automatically remove the player's claims whenever possible. The chunk has to be loaded and the bot takes several minutes to remove them but it will remove them.

/reset player {player name}
Make the bot forget a player's cash, waypoints, bases etc but leave their donor status alone.

/resettimers {player name}
Normally a player needs to wait a set time after /base before they can use it again. This zeroes that timer and also resets their gimmies.

/reset stack
If you have changed stack sizes and the bot is mistakenly abusing players for overstacking, you can make the bot forget the stack sizes.
It will re-learn them from the server as players overstack beyond the new stack limits.

/restore admin
Use this command if you have used /test as player, and you want to get your admin status back now.

/return {player name}
/return {player name} to {location or other player}
Return a player from timeout. You can use their steam or game id and part or all of their name.
You can return them to any player even offline ones or to any location. If you just return them, they will return to wherever they were when they were sent to timeout.
Your regular players can also return new players from timeout but only if a player sent them there.

/sendhome {player name}
/sendhome2 {player name}
Teleport a player to their first or second base.

/send {player} to {other player}
Teleport a player to another player even if the other player is offline.

/set death cost {cash} (default is 0)
Set a cost penalty for dying. The player's cash balance won't drop below zero.

/set drop mining warning {number of blocks} (default is 99)
Set how many blocks can fall off the world every minute before the bot alerts admins to it.
Disable by setting it to 0

/set command cooldown {seconds} (default 0)
You can add a delay between player commands to the bot. Does not apply to staff. This helps to slow down command abuse.

/set feral horde night {day number} (default is 7)
Set which day is horde night. This is needed if your horde nights are not every 7 days.

/feral reboot delay {minutes}
Set how many minutes after day 7 that the bot will wait before rebooting if a reboot is scheduled for day 7.
To disable this feature, set it to 0. The bot will wait a full game day instead.

/max tracking days {days}
Set how many days to keep tracking data before deleting it. The default it 28.

/set reserved slot timelimit {minutes} (default 0)
If this is 0, reserved slots are released when the player leaves the server.
Otherwise minutes after the player reserves a slot, they will become eligible to be kicked to make room for another reserved slotter.

/set return cooldown {seconds} (default 0)
You can add a delay to the return command. Does not affect staff.

/prisoner {player name} arrested {reason for arrest}
/prisoner {player name} (read the reason if one is recorded)
You can record or view the reason for a player being arrested. If they are released, this record is destroyed.

/set watch timer {number in seconds}
/set watch player {name} timer {number in seconds}
When a new player joins, in-game admins will be messaged when the player adds or removes inventory. They will automatically stop being watched after a delay. The default is 3 days.
You can also set a different watch duration for an individual player.
1 hour = 3,600 1 day = 86,400 1 week = 604,800 4 weeks = 2,419,200
This timer is in real time not game time or time played.

/shit {player name}
Give a player the shits for shits and giggles.

/test as player {optional number in seconds}
Remove your admin status for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes your admin status will be restored and any bans against you removed.
If you provide a number, your admin will instead be restored after that many seconds incase you need longer or shorter than the default 5 minutes.

/timeout {player name}
Send a player to timeout. You can use their steam or game id and part or all of their name. If you send the wrong player to timeout /return {player name} to fix that.
While in timeout, the player will not be able to use any bot commands but they can chat.

/enable/disable level hack alert
By default the bot will inform admins when a player's level increases massively in a very short time. You can disable the message.

/enable/disable airdrop alert
By default the bot will inform players when an airdrop occurs near them. You can disable the message.

/enable/disable bounty
Normally a small bounty is awarded for a player's first pvp kill in pvp rules. You can disable the automatic bounty.
Players will still be able to manually place bounties, but those come out of their Zennies.

/ignore/punish friendly pvp
By default if a player PVPs where the rules don't permit it, they can get jailed.
You can tell the bot to ignore friendly kills. Players must have friended the victim before the PVP occurs.

/block/unblock player {player name}
Prevent a player from using IRC. Other stuff may be blocked in the future.

/freeze/unfreeze {player name}
Bind a player to their current position. They get teleported back if they move.

/include/exclude admins
Normally the bot ignores admins when checking inventory and other stuff. If admins are included, all of the rules that apply to players will also apply to admins.
This is useful for testing the bot. You can also use /test as player (for 5 minutes)
This setting is not stored and will revert to excluding admins the next time the bot runs.

/ignore/include player {player name}
An ignored player can have uncraftable inventory and do hacker like activity such as teleporting.
An included player is checked for these things and can be punished or temp banned for them.

/set say uses name (the default)
/set say uses nick
The IRC command 'say' uses your player name by default.
You can set it to use the IRC nickname instead. Note: It will do that for all IRC users.

/enable/disable pack/revive
Players can teleport close to where they last died to retrieve their pack.
You can disable the pack and revive commands. They are enabled by default.

/remove/leave expired claims
By default the bot will not remove expired claims. It will always ignore admin claims.

/reserve/unreserve slot {player name}
Give a player the right to take a reserved slot when the server is full.
Reserved slots are auto assigned for donors and staff.

/enable/disable screamer alert
By default the bot will warn players when screamers are approaching. You can disable that warning.

/allow/disallow teleport {player name}
Allow or prevent a player from using any teleports. When disabled, they won't be able to teleport themselves, but they can still be teleported. Also physical teleports won't work for them.

/watch {player name}
/watch new players
/stop watching {player name}
/stop watching everyone
Flag a player or all current new players for extra attention and logging. New players are watched by default.

/enable/disable waypoints
Donors will be able to create, use and share waypoints. To enable them for other players, set waypoints public.

Unlocks all locked containers etc in your immediate area (the current chunk)

/crimescene {prisoner}
Teleport to the coords where a player was when they got arrested.

/playerbase/playerhome {player name}
/playerbase2/playerhome2 {player name}
Teleport yourself to the first or second base of a player.

/warm {player name}
Warm a player or yourself if no name given.

/whitelist add/remove {player name}
Add (or remove) a player to the bot's whitelist. This is not the server's whitelist and it works differently.
It exempts the player from bot restrictions such as ping kicks and the country blacklist.

/whitelist everyone/all
You can add everyone except blacklisted players to the bot's whitelist.