Updated 23 June, 2019

All commands are typed in in-game chat and begin with a  /   Commands have access levels and won't work for you if your level is too low.

These commands are for players and admins to mark places on the map for special attention by admins for things like taking screenshots of bases or builds before a wipe or any other purpose you can think of.

Bookmark Commands:

/bk {bookmark number}
Teleport to the numbered bookmark (Admins only)

/bookmark {message}
Record the coordinates where you are standing with a message. This was created to help admins quickly teleport to places that players wanted screenshot or videoed by admins before a server wipe.
Only admins can teleport to them. Players can only view a list of the bookmarks created by themselves.

/list bookmarks {player}
If players have bookmarked coordinates on your server, this command will give you a numbered list of a player's bookmarks
Players can only list their own bookmarks and can't teleport to them.