Updated 23 June, 2019

All commands are typed in in-game chat and begin with a  /   Commands have access levels and won't work for you if your level is too low.

Server Commands:

/set telnet enabled/disabled (enabled is the default)
This doesn't change telnet in the server. Instead use this to tell the bot if the server's telnet is enabled or disabled.
This is used by the bot as part of monitoring the status of telnet. If telnet is disabled, the bot won't keep trying to connect to it.

/say{2 letter language code} {something you want translated}
If the translator utility is installed, the bot can translate from english what you say into the language you specify.
eg. /sayfr Hello. The bot will say Smegz0r: Bonjour
Note: This uses Google and due to the number of bots I host, it is not installed on my servers as I don't want to risk a big invoice from them.

/cancel reboot
Cancel a scheduled reboot. You may not be able to stop a forced or automatically scheduled reboot but you can pause it instead.

/join server {ip} port {telnet port} pass {telnet password}
Tell the bot to join a different game server.

/pause reboot
Pause a scheduled reboot. It will stay paused until you unpause it or restart the bot.

/run command {a console command}
Sometimes you need to make the bot run a specific console command.
This can be used to force the bot re-parse a list. Only server owners can do this.

/reboot {n} minute (or hour) (optional: forced)
/reboot now
Schedule a timed or immediate server reboot. The actual restart must be handled externally by something else.
Just before the reboot happens, the bot issues a save command. If you add forced, only a level 0 admin can stop the reboot.
Shutting down the bot will also cancel a reboot but any automatic (timed) reboots will reschedule if the server wasn't also restarted.

/override access {number from 99 to 4}
All players have an access level which governs what they can do. You can override it for everyone to temporarily raise their access.
eg. /overide access 10 would make all players donors until you restore it. To do that type /override access 99. This is faster than giving individual players donor access if you just want to do a free donor weekend.

/set archive players day {number (days) default is 60}
The bot will archive players who haven't played in 60 days except for admins. You can disable this feature by setting it to 0.
The bot will archive players at startup or if you use the command /archive players.

/set bail {number}
Set how many Zennies it costs to bail out of prison. To disable bail set it to zero (the default)

/motd (to view it)
/motd (or /set motd) {your message here} (to set it)
/motd clear (to disable it)
Display the current message of the day. If an admin types anything after /motd the typed text becomes the new MOTD.
To remove it type /motd clear

/set irc main (or alerts or watch) {channel name without a # sign}
Change the bot's IRC channels.

/set irc nick {bot name}
Change the bot's IRC nickname. Sometimes it can have a nick collision with itself and it gets an underscore appended to it.

/set irc server {IP or URL and optional port}
Use this command if you want players to know your IRC server's address.

/set map size {number}
Set the maximum distance from 0,0 that players are allowed to travel. Any players already outside this limit will be teleported to 0,0 and may get stuck under the map. They can relog.
Size is in metres (blocks) and be careful not to set it too small. The default map size is 10000 but the bot's default is 20000.
Whatever size you set, donors will be able to travel 5km futher out so the true boundary is +5000.

/set max animals {number}
Change the server's max spawned animals.

/set (or clear) max ping {number}
To kick high ping players set a max ping. It will only be applied to new players. You can also whitelist a new player to make them exempt.
The bot doesn't immediately kick for high ping, it samples ping over 30 seconds and will only kick for a sustained high ping.

/set max players {number}
Change the server's max players. Admins can always join using the automated reserved slots feature.

/set max uptime {number}
/max uptime (to see it)
Set how long (in hours) that the server can be running before the bot schedules a reboot. The bot will always add 15 minutes as the reboot is only scheduled at that time.

/set max zombies {number}
Change the server's max spawned zombies.

/set new player max level {number} (game level)
By default a new player is automatically upgraded to a regular player once they pass level 9.
Use this command to change it to a different player level.

/set new player timer {number} (in minutes)
/new player timer (to see it)
By default a new player is treated differently from regulars and has some restrictions placed on them mainly concerning inventory.
Set it to 0 to disable this feature.

/set overstack {number} (default 1000)
Sets the maximum stack size before the bot will warn a player about overstacking. Usually the bot learns this directly from the server as stack sizes are exceeded.

/set ping kick target {new or all}
By default if a ping kick is set it only applies to new players. Set to all to have it applied to everyone.
Note: Does not apply to exempt players which includes admins, donors and individuals that have been bot whitelisted.

/set prison timer {number} (in minutes)
Set how long someone stays in prison when jailed by the bot. To not have a time limit, set this to 0 which is the default.

/set pvp cooldown {seconds}
Set how long after a pvp kill before the player can use teleport commands again.

/set reserved slots {number of slots}
You can have a number of server slots reserved for admins and selected players.
Anyone can join but if the server becomes full, players who aren't staff or allowed to reserve a slot will be randomly selected and kicked if an admin or authorised player joins.
To disable, set reserved slots to 0.

/set rolling delay {minutes}
Set the delay in minutes between rolling announcements.

/set rules {new rules}
Set the server rules. You can use supported bbcode tags, but only when setting the rules from IRC. Each tag must be closed with this tag [-] or colours will bleed into the next line.
To display the rules type /rules

/set server api {api key from 7daystodie-servers.com}
Your API key is not recorded in logs or the databases and no bot command reports it. It is used to determine if a player has voted for your server today.
While the bot takes precautions to keep your API key a secret, you should be careful not to type it anywhere in public. The safest place to give it to the bot is in private chat on IRC or on the bot's web interface when that is available.

/set server group {group name} (one word)
This is used by the bots database which could be a cloud database. It is used to identify this bot as belonging to a group if you have more than one server. You do not need to set this.

/set server ip {IP of your 7 Days to Die server}
The bot is unable to read the IP from its own profile for the server so enter it here. It will display in the /info command and be used if a few other places.

/set reboot hour {0 to 23}
Reboot the server when the server time matches the hour (24 hour time). To disable clock based reboots set this to -1 or don't enter a number.

/set reboot minute {0 to 59}
Reboot the server when the server time matches the hour and minute (24 hour time). To disable clock based reboots use /set reboot hour (without a number)

/set server pve (or pvp, creative or contest)
Set the entire server to be PVE, PVP, Creative or Contest.
Contest mode is not implemented yet and all setting it creative does is stop the bot pestering players about their inventory.

/setup map
Optional extras after setup map: no hostiles, no animals, show players, show claims, show inventory
eg. /setup map no hostiles no animals show players show claims show inventory
The bot can fix your server map's permissions with some nice settings. If you use this command, the following permissions are set:
web.map 2000
webapi.getlandclaims 1000
webapi.viewallplayers 2
webapi.viewallclaims 2
webapi.getplayerinventory 2
webapi.getplayerslocation 2
webapi.getplayersOnline 2000
webapi.getstats 2000
webapi.gethostilelocation 2000
webapi.getanimalslocation 2000
If setting no hostiles and/or no animals:
webapi.gethostilelocation 2
webapi.getanimalslocation 2
If setting show players, show claims, show inventory:
webapi.viewallplayers 2000
webapi.viewallclaims 2000
webapi.getplayerinventory 2000

/set web panel port {port of server's control panel/web panel}
or /set api port {number}
The bot needs to be told the port for Alloc's web map. If you give it the wrong port and API support is enabled or you enable that later, the bot will try that port and the ports +/- 2 above and below it.

/set website {your website or steam group}
Tell the bot the URL of your website or steam group so your players can ask for it.

/set welcome message {your message here}
/clear welcome message
You can set a custom welcome message that will override the default greeting message when a player joins.

/allow/disallow/kick bad names
Auto-kick players with numeric names or names that contain no letters such as ascii art crap.
They will see a kick message asking them to change their name.

/enable/disable vac (disable is the default)
If a player has any VAC bans you can auto-ban them or allow them in.
Each time they join, admins will be alerted to their VAC ban. To stop that, add the them to the bot's whitelist.

/set cbsm friendly (the default)
/set cbsm unfriendly (or anything other than the word friendly such as die die die)
If set to friendly, the bot will automatically switch from / commands to using the ! since CBSM uses the /
Set to anything else and the bot will use / commands whether CBSM is present or not.

/remove zombies before bloodmoon
/leave zombies before bloodmoon
If you have Stompy's BC mod, the bot can despawn all zombies server wide a few minutes before bloodmoon starts. It may trigger more than once.

/enable/disable entity scan (disabled by default)
Scan for entities server wide every 30 seconds.
The resulting list is copied to the entities Lua table where it can be further processed for other bot features.

/enable/disable error scan (disabled by default)
The server can automatically scan for and fix some errors using console commands if you have Coppi's mod or djkrose's scripting mod installed.
You can disable the scan if you suspect it is creating lag.

/enable/disable hardcore mode
Allow players to use bot commands. This is the default.
Players can still talk to the bot and use info commands such as /rules.

/enable/disable idle kick (disabled is default)
When the server is full, if idle kick is on players will get kick warnings for 15 minutes of no movement then they get kicked.

/allow/disallow flying
Toggle the bot's player flying detection. You would want to do this if players can use debug mode on your server.

/set irc private/public
If IRC is private, the bot won't share the url or info with players and players can't invite anyone to irc using the invite command.
When public, players can find the IRC info with /help irc and they can create irc invites for themselves and others.

/enable/disable noclip scan (the default)
Using Coppi's mod version 2.5+ you can detect players that are noclipping under the map.
It can false flag but it is still a useful early warning of a possible hacker. The bot will ban a player found clipping a lot for one week.

/allow/disallow overstack or /enable/disable overstack
By default the bot reads overstack warnings coming from the server to learn what the stack limits are and it will pester players with excessive stack sizes and can send them to timeout for non-compliance.

/northeast pve/pvp
/northeast pve/pvp
/northwest pve/pvp
/southeast pve/pvp
/southwest pve/pvp
/north pve/pvp
/south pve/pvp
/east pve/pvp
/west pve/pvp
Make northeast/northwest/southeast/southwest/north/south/east/west of 0,0 PVE or PVP.

/allow/disallow rapid relog
New players who want to cheat often relog rapidly in order to spawn lots of items into the server using cheats or bugs.
If enabled, the bot will temp ban (10 minutes) players caught relogging several times in short order.

/enable/disable region pm
A PM for admins that tells them the region name when they move to a new region.

/enable (or disable) reboot
By default the bot does not manage server reboots.
See also /set max uptime (default 12 hours)

/disable/enable watch alerts
Enable or disable ingame private messages about watched player inventory and base raiding. Alerts will still go to IRC.

/resume/unpause reboot
Resume a paused reboot.