Bot commands fall into several groups, in-game commands, IRC commands, and the web interface.  Each command has an access level and you will only see and be able to use commands equal to and lower than your access level.  In this command help I use <>  to represent where the command expects a player name, a number or some other input.  Do not type the <>.  When entering a player name, you can provide their full or partial name, game ID or Steam ID.  Internally the bot uses Steam ID's for everything.  Be careful using partial name matching as it will return the first name containing the name you typed.  You can also tell the bot that you want an exact match by enclosing the name in "quotes".  It first tries to match online players, then offline players.  This will be a lot easier to do from the web interface as it will use auto-completion.


There is a player manual and an admin manual online.  They are both very old and out of date but some of it is still relevant.  They may get updated at a later date once this help and the new database driven help system is sufficiently completed.

Player Manual

Admin Manual