For an introduction to IRC and a list of IRC clients read An IRC Primer.

Bot Commands on IRC:

help (display this list)
help manual (New to the bot and IRC? Read this.)
help setup (Stuff to do when the bot is new.)
help irc (View a different list of IRC command help including ingame commands that refer to IRC.)
fps (display current server performance metrics)
say {something} to talk to players ingame
staff (see who your admins are. You can also type owners, admins, or mods to just see a partial list)
server (server ip and port and number of players)
stop (stop the bot spamming you. If the command you ran has a lot of output, this stops it)
uptime (server and bot running times)
who (list in-game players)

Misc IRC Commands:

day, date or time (show the game date and time)
new players (list new players in the last 2 days)
server status (some daily stats)
shop categories (list categories)
shop {category} (list items in a category)
shop {item} (list all items that partially match what you type)
villages (list)

If your login is not working properly try typing rescue me, hit return then login again.

help topics (display help topics only)
help commands (for ingame commands that you can also do in irc)

invite {player name} (Send the player a code and instructions to join irc and give themselves a password)
add player {playername} login {password} (create a password for an irc player to authenticate on irc).
bases (list all bases and their regions)
check dns player {player name} ip {ip} (tell bot to do a dns check on a player)
claims (list all players more than 1 placed claim and their total)
claims {player name} (list each placed claim for a player with coords)
date, time, day (display the current game date and time)
donors (list donors known to the bot)
friends {player name}
info {player name} (lots of quick info about a player)
inv {player name} (current inventory of player)
mute irc {player name} (prevent someone from using say and most other irc bot commands)
unmute irc {player name} (prevent someone from using say and most other irc bot commands)
list bad items
locations (list)
new players
pay {player name} {amount} (gift Zennies to a player or admin)
permaban {playername}
player {player name} friend {player to be friended}
player {player name} unfriend {player to be unfriended}
player {player name} (info on a specific player)
players (master list of all players)
prisoners (list)
remove permaban {playername}
resetzones (list)
server stats
status {player name}
stealth translate {player name} (ingame chat from the player will not be translated to irc only)
stop translating {player name} (ingame chat from the player will not be translated)
stop watching {player name}
teleports (list)
translate {player name} (ingame chat from the player will be translated ingame)
view alerts (lists the last 20) add a number for more
villagers (list villages and villagers)
watch player {player name}
who (list in-game players)

type say {something} to talk to players ingame
type pm {playername or id} PM a player ingame
type con {server command} (send a command to the server in console

help {keyword} (adding a new help system. As it grows, more keywords will be known to it.)
list help {optional section} (eg. admin, server). Short help, just a list.
command help {optional section} (eg. admin, server). Longer help with info.
Commands are divided into sections eg. admin, server, locations etc.

The following commands are not sorted. That will happen later.

Command: reload code
Make the bot reload its code. It also performs some maintenance tasks on the bot's data.

Command: reload bot
Make the bot read gg, admin list, ban list, version and lkp -online.

Command: update code
Make the bot check for code updates and apply them.

Command: server
View basic info about the server and installed mods.

Command: bot info
Display basic info about the bot.

Command: search blacklist {IP}
See if an IP is in the blacklist or not.

Command: shop, or help shop
View the IRC help for the shop management.

Command: empty category {category name}
Delete everything from a category so you can start fresh.

Command: shop {category name}
List the items in the specified shop category.

Command: shop categories
List the shop categories.

Command: shop {item name}
View an item in the shop.

Command: villages
List the villages and who the mayor is.

Command: fps
View the last recorded mem output. (mem is updated every 40 seconds while players are online)

Command: help custom commands
View the help for custom commands.

Command: date, or time, or day
View the game day and time (not server time)

Command: uptime
See how long the bot and server have been running.

Command: location categories
List any defined location categories.

Command: location {name of location}
View info about a specified location

Command: server stats
View basic stats about the server from the last 24 hours.

Command: who played today
List who played on the server in the last 24 hours in order of appearance.

Command: help topics
View IRC command help topics.

Command: locations
List the locations.

Command: staff
List the staff including owners, admins and mods.

Command: owners
List the owners only.

Command: admins
List the admins only.

Command: mods
List the mods only.

Command: restore admin
Restore your admin status early if you used /test as player and the timer hasn't expired yet.

Command: logout
Log out of the bot on IRC (does not disconnect you from the IRC server).

Command: hi bot
Get the bot to respond to you. It will create a private chat channel as well as respond to you in the current channel.

Command: who
List everyone playing on the server right now. The info varies depending on if you are staff or player, logged in to the bot or not.

Command: login {name} pass {password}
Log in to the bot. Do NOT do this in any public channels (they start with a #). Do this only in the bot's private chat channel. If the bot sees this in a public channel it will destroy your login. If that happens, use the invite command to invite your

Command: rescue me
This command fixes a weird and long standing bug where the bot can get mixed up between you on IRC and a random player. It doesn't give them admin commands but it does cause you to not be able to use them on IRC and the say command uses the other player

Command: bow before me
Login to the bot without a password. Only works if you have previously been authenticated.

Command: bow
Same as bow before me but less typing. You also get a silly response.

Command: help manual
Read the help manual. Its about a page and a half.

Command: help setup
View the help topic on setting up the bot.

Command: server {IP}
Tell the bot the IP of the server that it is connected to. Due to a limitation in Mudlet it can't easily determine this for itself.

Command: new login {name} pass {password}
Change your bot login.

Command: say {something man}
Say something publicly in-game to the players as yourself.

Command: sayfr {something to be translated}
Depreciated feature. It should work but requires a translation utility installed in Linux. I don't use it anymore as I host too many bots and don't want a big surprise bill from Google.

Command: command help
View the ingame command help in full including descriptions.

Command: list help
View the ingame command help minus the description texts.

Command: help server
View the server help topic

Command: help donors
View the donor help topic

Command: help csi
View the CSI help topic

Command: help watchlist
View the watchlist help topic

Command: help bad items
View the bad items help topic

Command: help announcements
View the rolling announcements help topic

Command: help commands
View the remote commands help topic

Command: help motd
View the message of the day help topic

Command: help access
View the access levels help topic

Command: reset zones
List the reset zones.

Command: stop
Stop the bot's current command output so you can issue a new command without waiting for the last one to finish.

Command: stop all
Stop the bot's IRC command output for everyone.

Command: rules {new rules}
View the server rules.

Command: invite {player name}
Send and IRC invite to a player. The bot will give them a series of simple instructions that they must follow in order to join the IRC server and be recognised by the bot. Also useful if you get your own bot login disabled, just invite yourself, join th

Command: fix bot
Restricted: Owners and Admins only
The bot will run a number of house-keeping tasks from data collection to database maintenance. The bot will appear frozen during this time until it has completed these tasks.
DO NOT repeat the command, just wait for it to complete. The bot will start talking again and shortly after will respond to new commands.

Command: add location category {category} {minimum access level} {maximum access level}
Add a location category and optionally assign a minimum access level and maximum access level (can be the same level.)

Command: remove location category
Remove a location category. It is also removed from all locations currently assigned to it.

Command: run report
View a report on server performance including how long the command lag is. The report recalculates continuously until stopped by typing stop report.

Command: stop report
Stop the running report.

Command: unmute irc {player}
Allow a player to use bot commands on IRC again.

Command: mute irc {player}
Block a player from commanding the bot on IRC.

Command: sql {a select statement}
Run a select query on the bot's database and view the output. It is limited to 100 records by default. Specify a different limit if you want more.
Only select queries are permitted. This is mainly intended for debugging purposes.
Only server owners can use this command.

Command: set irc server {IP:Port}
The bot will connect to the IRC server that you specify. If the IP and port are wrong, you will need to join the server and issue same command in-game but with a valid IP and port.
Only server owners can use this command.

Command: set server ip {server IP} port {telnet port} pass {telnet password}
Make the bot join a different 7 Days to Die server. All parts are required even if they are not changing.
Only server owners can use this command.

Command: restart bot
If your bot's server or the bot's launcher script monitors the bot's process ID, you can command the bot to shut down and restart itself. This can help to fix temporary problems with the bot.
All bots hosted at botmanhosting or hosted by Smegz0r can be restarted this way. The command is disabled by default.

Command: check disk
View basic information about disk usage on the server hosting the bot.

Command: command prefix {new in-game command prefix}
Change the in-game command prefix to something else. The default is /. The bot can automatically change to ! if it detects some other server managers.
If there is a command clash between the bot and another manager or mod, you should use this command. The only symbol that cannot be used is the other slash.

Command: server settings {optional filter}
View current settings in the bot, organised by category. You can view a specific category if you type it after settings.
The categories are: chat, shop, teleports, security, waypoints, misc, games, irc, mods.
The displayed settings may not be a complete list as the bot is still under development and new settings are added frequently.

Command: new players
List new players that have joined in the last 24 hours. To see further back, add a number eg: new players 5 will give you the last 5 days.

Command: check dns {player}
Make the bot do a DNS lookup on any player. Mainly useful if a player of interest is already in the game before the bot joined. Otherwise the bot will check their DNS only when the player re-logs.

Command: view alerts

Command: view slots
View information about the bot's reserved slots and who is occupying them.

Command: show inventory
View historic inventory movement of a player. They do not need to be playing right now.
Full example.. show inventory player Joe xpos 100 zpos 200 days 2 range 50 item tnt qty 20
You can grab the coords from any player by adding, near john (for example)
Defaults: days = 1, range = 100km, xpos = 0, zpos = 0
Optional: player (or near) joe, days 1, hours 1, range 50, item tin, qty 10, xpos 0, zpos 0, session 1
Currently this command always reports up to the current time. Later you will be able to specify an end date and time.

Command: announcements
View the rolling announcements.

Command: add announcement
Add a new rolling announcement.

Command: delete announcement
If you type 'announcements' you will see a numbered list of rolling announcements. To delete a specific announcement type its number at the end of this command.
eg. delete announcement 3

Command: who visited
See who visited a player location or base.
Example with defaults: who visited player smeg days 1 range 10 height 4
Example with coords: who visited x 0 y 100 z 0 height 5 days 1 range 20
Another example: who visited player smeg base
Another example: who visited bed smeg
Setting hours will reset days to zero
Defaults: days = 1 or hours = 0, range = 10

Command: pay {player} {amount of {monies}}
eg. pay joe 1000. Joe will receive 1000 {monies} and will be alerted with a private message. You will also see a confirmation message that you have paid them.
Only owners and level 1 admins can do this on IRC.

Command: set player {name} cash {value}
Command: set player everyone cash {value}
Reset a player's cash to a specific amount to fix stuff-ups, or reset everyone's cash if you type everyone instead of a player name.

Command: set update branch {branch name}
Tell the bot to switch to a different code branch.

Command: enable/disable debug
If you have access to Mudlet you can enable or disable debug output to Mudlet's debug and lists windows. This automatically disables itself when Mudlet is closed.

Command: claims {optional player}
List all of the claims on the server or a specific player's claims.

Command: cmd {normal ingame command}
Use an in-game command from IRC. The command is identical to how you use it in-game except you prefix it with cmd. eg. cmd /uptime. Not all in-game commands allow you to use them from IRC and will tell you if you can't use them.

Command: pm {player} {message}

Command: con {console command}
Send a console command to the server. If you don't see the console output on IRC it will be a command that the bot doesn't pipe back to IRC. The command will still be ran. This feature is restricted to server owners.

Command: set bot owner {steam ID}
Assign a steam ID as owner of this bot. Only 1 steam ID can be the bot owner and this can only be assigned once.
This isn't currently used by the bot but will be used later.
To use this command you must be a level 0 admin and to have been seen on the server by the bot.

Command: villagers
List all of the villagers. It also shows who are the mayors.

Command: base cooldown {seconds}
Set a timer between uses of the /base or /home command. Donors wait half as long.

Command: set rules {new rules}
Change the server rules.

Command: motd
View the message of the day. You can clear it with motd clear.

Command: set motd {message}
Change the message of the day.

Command: set api port
Tell the bot what port the Alloc's API is using.

Command: set api key {API key from}
Tell the bot your servers API key. DO NOT do this in a public channel!
Your key is not logged or displayed anywhere. It is kept out of the database too.
Once set, your players will be able to use the command /claim vote.

Command: list tables
List the bot's tables.

Command: show table {table name} {optional search string}
View the contents of one of the bot's tables. Not all tables will display but you'll soon work out which ones you can view.

Command: reset bot keep money
Make the bot forget map specific information but remember the player cash. Use this command after a map wipe.

Command: reset bot
Make the bot forget map specific information. Use this command after a map wipe.

Command: stop translating {player}
Stop sending a player's in-game chat to Google for translating.

Command: translate {player}
This command only works if a Linux utility called trans is installed. It uses Google Translate so I no longer use it since I don't want to risk a huge bill from Google. It worked great when I used to use it.

Command: stealth translate {player}
Only translate a player's in-game chat to IRC.

Command: open shop
Enable the shop so player's can buy stuff and spend their hard earned {monies}.

Command: close shop
Disable the shop. You'll soon see who can't live without it xD

Command: shop units {item} {new unit quantity}
Change the number of units sold per sale of the specified item.

Command: shop price {item} {new price}
Change the price of an item in the shop.

Command: shop max {item} {max stock level}
Set the maximum quantity of an item for sale in the shop.

Command: shop restock {item} {quantity}
Increase the quantity of an item in the shop.

Command: shop add category {category name} code {short code}
Add a new category to the shop, such as weapons.

Command: shop remove category {category name}
Remove a category from the shop.

Command: shop change category {old category} to {new category}
Rename a shop category. All of its items will move to the new category.

Command: inv {player}
View the current or last known inventory of a player.

Command: list villagers {name of village}
List all of the village members of a specific village.

Command: list {optional player} bases
List all of the player bases or just those of one player.

Command: add bad item {item name} action {exile, ban or timeout} (timeout is the default)
Add an item to the bad items list.

Command: remove bad item {item name}
Remove an item from the bad items list.

Command: bad item {item name} action {exile, ban or timeout}
Change what the bot does when it detects a specific bad item in inventory.

Command: near player {player}
Lists players, bases and locations near a player or coordinate.
Usage: near player {name}
optional: range {number}
optional: Instead of player use xpos {number} zpos {number}

Command: info {player}
View info about a player including links to some 7 Days related websites and the player's DNS record.

Command: add donor {player}
Give a player donor status. They get a few special privileges but it is not play to win. There are no game items included.

Command: remove donor {player}
Remove a player's donor status.

Command: add owner {player}
Give a player owner status which is the highest admin status in the bot and server.

Command: remove owner {player}
Remove an owner so they are just a regular player.

Command: add admin {player}
Give a player admin status. Note: This gives them level 1 admin status only.

Command: remove admin {player}
OUT! Remove an admin. They become a player again.

Command: permaban {jackass}
Ban and permanban a player. Not currently used by the bot, but the ban works.

Command: remove permaban {player}
Unban a player and remove their permaban status. Not currently used by the bot, but it will unban them.

Command: add player {player} login {name} pass {password}
Authorise a player to login to the bot here on IRC. They can login with login {name} pass {password}. They must not use that in any public channels, only in private with the bot or the bot will destroy their login.

Command: player {player one} unfriend {player two}
Make a player no longer friends with another player. Does not change friend status done through the game's own friend system.

Command: player {player one} friend {player two}
Make friends. No not you! Make a player friends with another player.

Command: friends {player}
View all of the friends of a player known to the bot or the game.

Command: players {optional player name}
Get a list of all of the players or a specific player (except archived players).

Command: archived players
Get a list of all the players that have been archived.

Command: player {name}
View the permanent record for a player.

Command: igplayer {name}
View the bot's record for a player that is currently on the server.

Command: igplayers
View the bot's record for each player that is currently on the server.

Command: watch {player}

Command: stop watching {player}
Stop getting in-game messages about a player every time their inventory changes or they get too close to a base.

Command: donors {optional player name}
List all of the donors or a specific donor.

Command: teleports
List all of the teleports. These are not locations or waypoints. They are special teleports that players step onto in-game to get automatically teleported somewhere.

Command: list bad items

Command: prisoners
List all of the current prisoners. If a reason was recorded, that will be shown too.

Command: li {item name}
List game items. eg. li boots, will list all items with boots in their name.

Command: list prefabs {optional partial name of a prefab}
Lists of all the prefabs known to the server or a filtered list if you specify part of a prefab name.

Command: status {player}
View some info about a player's bases and donor status.

Command: shop add item {item name} category {category} price {price} stock {max stock} units {units dropped}
Add an item to the shop. If a unit is given and a player buys 1 item, the bot will give 1 * the unit eg. 10 of the item.

Command: empty shop
Completely empty the shop so you can start fresh.

Command: shop remove item {item name}
Remove an item from the shop.

Command: add command {command} access {minimum access level} message {private message}
Add a custom command. At the moment these are just a private message. Later more actions will be possible.

Command: remove command {command}
Delete a custom command.

Command: blacklist add {player}
Add a player to the bot's blacklist. The bot will ban them for 10 years.

Command: ban remove {player}
Unban a player.

Command: list event {event type}
Several events are logged and can be searched with list event. Select from any of the following or add a player name or steam ID.
eg. list event ban. Matching events in the last day are displayed. To see more days add a number eg. list event ban 5

Command: search player {name}
Search for a player by name. It will list any players that match your search.

Command: list duplicate players
Get a list of all players with the same name. Useful for fixing issues.

Command: add proxy {text to match} action {ban or exile}
Add a proxy for the bot to scan for and what action to take when it sees it.

Command: remove proxy {text}
Remove a proxy.

Command: list proxies
View all of the proxies that the bot checks for, how many hits each has had and what action the bot takes when it sees one.

Command: list regions
List all of the regions that contain a player base. Does not take into account parts of bases that cross into other regions.

Command: list restricted items
View the list of restricted items. These are items that new players aren't allowed.

Command: list entities
List all of entities currently in the world.

Command: near entity {entity ID}
View a list of players, bases and locations near a specific entity.

You can view in-game command help by topic using list help {topic} or command help {topic} for any of the following topics:

Command: help {command}
View help for an in-game command. You will see help for any commands that match your search based on keywords.