Updated 23 June, 2019

All commands are typed in in-game chat and begin with a  /   Commands have access levels and won't work for you if your level is too low.

Location Commands:

/location add {name}
Create a location where you are standing. Unless you add random spawns, any player teleporting to the location will arrive at your current position. If you are not on the ground, make sure the players can survive the landing.

/location categories
List the location categories. Only admins see the access level restrictions

List the locations and basic info about them.

/lobby {player name}
If the lobby location exists, send the player to it. You can also do this to offline players, they will be moved to the lobby when they rejoin.
If location spawn exists and lobby does not, spawn is the lobby location.
If a location has been assigned as the lobby and there isn't a location called lobby or spawn, it will be used instead.

/location clear reset {location name}
Remove the reset zone flag. Unless otherwise restricted, players will be allowed to place claims and setbase.

/location {name} clear
Delete all random spawns for the location.

/location {name} ends here
Set the size of the location as the difference between your position and the centre of the location. Handy for setting it visually.

/location {name} random
Start setting random spawn points for the location. The bot uses your position which it samples every 3 seconds or so. It only records a new coordinate when you have moved more than 2 metres from the last recorded spot.
Unless you intend players to fall, do not fly or clip through objects while recording. To stop recording just type stop.
You can record random spawns anywhere and more than once but remember to type stop after each recording or the bot will continue recording your movement and making spawn points from them.
The spawns do not have to be inside the location and you can make groups of spawns anywhere in the world for the location.

/location set reset {name}
Flag the location as a reset zone. The bot will warn players not to build in it and will block /setbase and will remove placed claims of non-staff.

/location move {name}
Move an existing location to where you are standing. Unless you add random spawns, any player teleporting to the location will arrive at your current position.
If you are not on the ground, make sure the players can survive the landing. If there are existing random spawns for the location, moving it will not move them.
You should clear them and redo them using /location {name} clear and /location {name} random.

/protect location
Tell the bot to protect the location that you are in. It will instruct you what to do and will tell you when the location is protected.

/location remove {name}
Delete the location and all of its spawnpoints.

/location {old name} rename {new name}
Change an existing location's name to something else.

/location {name} category {category name}
/location {name} clear category
Set or clear a category for a location. If the category doesn't exist it is created.

/location {name} access {minimum access level}
Set the minimum access level required to teleport to the location.

/location {name} close {0-23}
Block and remove players from the location from a set hour.

/set location {name} cooldown {number in seconds}
After teleporting to the location, players won't be able to teleport back to it until the cooldown timer expires.

/location {name} cost {number}
Require the player to have {number} Zennies to teleport there. The Zennies are removed from the player afterwards.

/location {name} day closed {0-7}
Block and remove players from the location on a set day. Disable this feature by setting it to 0.

/location {name} minigame {game type}
Flag the location as part of a minigame such as capture the flag. The minigame is an unfinished idea so this command doesn't do much yet.

/location {name} open {0-23}
Allow players inside the location from a set hour.

/location owner {player name}
Assign ownership of a location to a player. They will be able to set protect on it and players not friended to them won't be able to teleport there.

/location {name} min level {minimum player level}
/location {name} max level {maximum player level}
/location {name} min level {minimum player level} max level {maximum player level}
Set a player level requirement to teleport to a location.

/location {name} size {number}
Set the size of the location measured from its centre. To make a 200 metre location set it to 100.

/set tp {optional location}
Create a single random teleport for the location you are in or if you are recording random teleports, it will set for that location.
If you provide a location name you will create 1 random TP for that location where you are standing.

/location allow base {location name}
/location disallow/deny/block base {location name}
Allow players to /setbase in the location or block that.

/location enable/disable {name}
Flag the location as enabled or disabled. Currently this flag isn't used and you can ignore this command.

/location hide/unhide {name}
Flag the location as hidden or unhidden. Hidden locations are only shown to admins when using the /locations command.

/location lobby/not lobby {name}
Flag the location as the lobby or not the lobby. New players will be sent to this location when they spawn if it is flagged as lobby. Only one location will be used so flagging more will not make them all the lobby.
To do that use /set tp {location}. This will add a random teleport destination for the location. You can set as many as you want.

/location round/circle/square/rectangle {name}
Locations are circles by default with a central coord and a radius. You can make the location a square (with equal sides).
The location's size is always its radius.

/location private/public {name} (default is private)
Flag the location as private or public. Players can only use public locations.

/location {name} pvp
/location {name} pve
Change the rules at a location to pvp or pve.

/location {name} enable (or disable) returns
Enable or disable the return command for a location.

/location safe/unsafe {location name}
Flag/unflag the location as a safe zone. The bot will automatically kill zombies in the location if players are in it.
To prevent this feature spamming the server it is triggered every 30 seconds. When there are more than 10 players it changes to every minute.
If you have StompyNZ's Bad Company mod, the bot will instantly despawn zombies that spawn inside the zone. Walk-in zombies are detected as above.

/location {name} watch
/location {name} stop watching
Set a location to report player activity regardless of other player watch settings, or not. The default is to not watch players.
Use this setting to be alerted whenever a player enters/exits a watched location or their inventory changes while in it.

/location {name} enable (or disable) waypoints
Block or allow players to set waypoints in the location.

/show/hide locations
Normally when you enter and leave a location you will see a private message informing you of this. You can disable the message.

/unprotect location {optional name}
Remove bot protection from the location. You can leave out the location name if you are in the location.

/location {name}
See detailed information about a location including a list of players currently in it.