The source is available on my public repository at github. Bot source updated 23 June 2020. Note: By default the bot will update online to the latest release from any older version.

Start/Stop scripts for Mudlet3

Mudlet AppImage for Linux

Note:  The bot's code does not currently support running natively on Windows.  That may change in the future.
If you are looking for TheFae's modded Mudlet, it is no longer available.  Please use the official Mudlet 3.x instead which incorporates TheFae's modifications.

For the official Mudlet download page, go here.

The bot works with and supports most mods including Alloc's, Bad Company (BC), and Server Tools.  If a mod has command clashes with bot commands you can command the bot to use something else by telling it /set command prefix ! ( or some other symbol except for \ ).  If your bot is connected to an IRC server, you can do the same by simply typing command prefix !

The bot currently runs on top of Mudlet (A MUD client).  I use it because it is a telnet client with Lua scripting.  It is also lightning fast and very stable.  Do not use the official Mudlet.  Instead visit the Mudlet link below (Modded by TheFae) and follow his instructions to build our modded Mudlet from his project.  It adds a number of IRC functions, the main ones being the ability to auto join IRC and rejoin.  Also his mod removes the need to hex edit Mudlet.  You can do all that from the settings screen instead. Note: In the final build step, select the master branch or you will not have any of the improvements.  It can take a while to compile if you haven't allocated a few cores or enough memory, but it will get there.

Download links for botman mod packs and more..

Allocs Server Fixes

Mods folder A16 containing Allocs mod, BC mod, and Coppis mod.

Mods folder A17.4 containing Allocs mod and the Botman mod. Compatible with a17.

Mods folder A18 containing Allocs mod and the Botman mod. Compatible with a18.

Botman mod containing just the Botman mod. Compatible with a18.

Botman mods A19 containing fixed Allocs mod and Botman mod for A19 (updated 5 June 21 version 2.3.13 compatible with A19.5)

Botman mod for A20 The Botman mod is now 100% compatible with A20 :D


Sources for Coppi's Additions (for A16 and older versions).


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