Waypoint Commands

Updated 17 August, 2017

All commands are typed in in-game chat and begin with a  /  Some commands are admin only.

Waypoints are player managed personal teleports.
You can specify how many waypoints indivuals or groups of players can have and apply other restrictions on their use.
Pairs of waypoints can be linked to create a portal. Portals differ in that the player steps into them to activate them.
Waypoints can be shared with a players friends and they can step into their portals as well. Portals can be unlinked which reverts them to waypoints.

/set waypoints public/restricted
Make waypoints accessible to all (except new players) or restricted to donors only.

/set max waypoints
/set max waypoints number
/set max waypoints donors
Set the max number of waypoints players can have or a specific player can have.

/set waypoint cost
Set a price to use waypoints. Players must have sufficient Zennies to teleport.

/set waypoint create cost
Set a price to create waypoints. Players must have sufficient Zennies

/set waypoint cooldown
Set how long in seconds players must wait between uses of waypoints

Waypoint Commands (In-Game Only):

/close waypoint (or wp)
Make the first waypoint private again. This is its default state.

/set waypoint (or wp or wp1)
Create or move your first waypoint where you are standing. It retains its current status.

/clear wp
Delete a named waypoint. If they are linked, this also unlinks them.

/waypoint or /wp1 or /
Teleport to your first waypoint.

List the waypoints of a player.

/link wp to
Link your waypoints to create a portal instead. In this mode you cannot teleport to them, instead you activate them by stepping into them.

/unlink waypoints (or /unlink wp)
Close your portal and convert each end back into two waypoints which you can teleport to as normal.