Info Commands

All commands are typed in in-game chat and begin with a  /   Commands marked with an * are admin commands

Reports the bot and server's running times.

/server or /info
Displays info mostly from the server config.

/next reboot
Reports the time remaining before the next scheduled reboot.

Displays the most recent output from the server mem command.

/server date
Displays the system clock of the game server.

/server stats
Displays various server totals for the last 24 hours or more days if you add a number.
eg. /server stats 5 (gives you the last 5 days cummulative stats)

/new players <optional number (days)
List the new players and basic info about them in the last day or more.

/seen <player>
Reports when the player was last on the server.

Reports the server rules.

Info Commands (In-Game Only):

Gives info about where you are in the world and the rules that apply there.

/who <optional number distance>
Reports who is around you. Donors and staff can see distances.
Donors can see 300 metres and other players can see 200. New and watched players can't see staff near them.

/alert <message>
Whatever is typed after /alert is recorded to the database and displayed on irc.
You can recall the alerts with the irc command view alerts <optional days>

/info <player>
Displays info about a player. Only staff can specify a player. Players just see their own info.