Village Commands

Updated 17 August, 2017

All commands are typed in in-game chat and begin with a /   Some commands are admin commands

Villages work like protected bases except that they can have many players (villagers) and a mayor.
Just like a base, a village can have protection enabled. Villages work best when they are much larger than the area of the village so that an effective barrier against invading players exists.

/elect village
Elect a player as mayor of a village. Democratically of course :)

/add member village
Make a player a member of a village.

/remove member village
Remove a player from a village.

/remove village
Delete a village and everything associated with it.

/village size
Resize a village. Note that this removes village protection to prevent teleport loops.

/villages (or villagers)
List villages or villagers.

/add village
Create a new village.

/protect village
Set village protection and follow the prompt from the bot, just like setting base protection.

/unprotect village
Remove protection on a village.