Base Commands

Updated 17 August, 2017

Setting a base tells the bot where you live and allows the bot to monitor and report intruders and defend it if protection is set.  Every player can set one base.  Privileged players such as contributors and admins can set a second base.  If you are allowed a second base, the commands for it have a 2 added. Other commands work on either base.


All commands are typed in in-game chat and begin with a  /   Commands have access levels and won't work for you if your level is too low.

/set base size <number> <player>
/set base2 size <number> <player>
Set the base protection size for a player's first or second base.

When you die, the bot can automatically return you to your first or second base.
Set within 50 metres of your base. The closest base will become your new spawn point after death.

/sethome (or sethome2)
/setbase (or setbase2)
Tell the bot where your first or second base is for base protection, raid alerting and the ability to teleport home.

/protect (or protect2)
Set up the bot's base protection. The bot will tell the player to move towards or away from their base and will
automatically set protection outside of their base protected area. Players should not set traps in this area.

/delbase <player>
Tell the bot to forget about a tbase. Players can only remove their own bases.

/delbase2 <player>
Tell the bot to forget about a base. Players can only remove their own bases.

/unprotectbase <player>
/unprotectbase2 <player>
Disable base protection for a player.

/enable base (or home) teleport
/disable base (or home) teleport
Enable or disable the home or base teleport command (except for staff).

Base In-Game Only:

/home (or base)
/home2 (or base2)
Teleport back to your first or second base. A timer and/or a cost may apply.

/setbase <player>
/sethome <player>
Set a player's first base for them where you are standing.

/setbase2 <player>
/sethome2 <player>
Set a player's second base for them where you are standing.

/test base
Turn your own base protection against you for 30 seconds to test that it works.

Pause your base protection.
Only works on your base(s) if you are within 100 metres of them and automatically resumes if you move away or leave the server.
This allows players who you haven't friended access to your base with you present.

/resume or unpause
Re-activate your base protection.